There is no arms export from US to Russia – federal service

MOSCOW, March 3. /TASS/. There is no arms export from US to Russia, and no arms export is planned, the press service of the Federal Service of Military-Technical Cooperation told reporters on Wednesday.

“The new sanctions of the US announced yesterday [on Tuesday] against our country in this particular case, when it comes to arms export, are baffling, as there is no arms export from the US to Russia, and naturally, none is planned,” the federal service said.

The press service stressed that the latest delivery of defense equipment from the US was recorded during the Second World War. “To be historically accurate, the last time the US supplied military equipment of any kind to our country was during the Great Patriotic War within the Lend-Lease program, which ended on August 21, 1945, as announced by President Truman,” the federal service informed.

Earlier on Tuesday, the US State Department announced that Russia would be included “in the list of countries subject to a policy of denial for exports of defense articles and defense services.”.

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