Russian National Guard chief says officers act within law at unauthorized rallies

MOSCOW, April 8. /TASS/. Russian National Guard officers act within the law at unauthorized rallies, National Guard Director Viktor Zolotov said in an interview with TASS.

“Our officers and troops are professionally trained and operate solely within the law and based on the situation. I am grateful to them for the self-restraint and courage that they show despite provocations and even unjustified aggression against them,” he pointed out.

Zolotov stressed that the National Guard was focused on maintaining public order and ensuring the safety of the country’s people. According to him, the way Russian law enforcement officers operate during unauthorized rallies is very different from how police in other countries act to end such activities. “However, some people prefer not to notice the difference and have a biased view on the activities of law enforcement officers in our country,” the National Guard chief emphasized.

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